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4 December 2019
The Kaleidoscope Pineal Gland Livestream Presented by Dr. Joe Dispenza
Enter Through the Door of Dimensions

"The person now is literally in a whole other world: they're in another dimension." Dr. Joe Dispenza

Is there a bridge between the world where there are an infinite number of dimensions and this three-dimensional world that we live in?

Can we tap into frequencies that carry specific information beyond the vibration of matter and the speed of light?

Dr. Joe Dispenza wants to bring you along through a heightened sensory experience to experience the mystical with The Kaleidoscope Pineal Gland Livestream.

Here is a glimpse of what you will experience during The Kaleidoscope Pineal Gland Livestream:

  • Heightened multisensory visions that feel like a multidimensional IMAX movie
  • The potential to experience gamma brain waves or what Dr. Joe refers to as superconsciousness
  • The breathwork technique instrumental to moving through the door of dimensions
  • Naturally produce different metabolites of melatonin such as benzodiazepine and dimethyltryptamine (DMT)
  • Optimal tools to induce trance and create unlimited beliefs about yourself and your life
  • Reprogram yourself into supernatural states of being

The only way we can change our lives is to change our energy and to change the electromagnetic field we are constantly broadcasting.

If we are thinking the same thoughts and feeling the same emotions, we are broadcasting the same electromagnetic field day after day.

We are sending out the same energy with the same message and creating nothing new in our lives.

Does this sound like something you want to experience for the rest of your life?

During The Kaleidoscope Pineal Gland Livestream, Dr. Joe is going to teach you how to move into trance where the door to dimensions exists, become highly suggestible to activating your pineal gland and broadcast a new electromagnetic field that inspires the vision of your future.

The Mystical Power of The Kaleidoscope
For years, Dr. Joe has been thinking about how we're all constantly programmed into self-limiting beliefs, that is, believing that we need something outside of us to change how we feel inside of us.

These beliefs, which remind us of our separation from wholeness, are incessantly ingrained in us through the news, television commercials, etc.

What if it were possible to undo or reverse that programming?

What if you could create unlimited beliefs about yourself and your life?

That's exactly what we've been doing for several years at our advanced workshops using the kaleidoscope in a technologically advanced way to induce trance.

But why the Kaleidoscope?

Often, just before Dr. Joe becomes entwined in a profound, super-lucid, mystical experience, he sees in his mind, and sometimes in his outer world, circular, geometric patterns made of light and energy.

These standing waves of interfering frequencies that appear as fractal patterns look like what you see when you look into a kaleidoscope, but instead of being two-dimensional, they are three-dimensional.

When Dr. Joe sees and rests his attention on these geometric patterns, they change, and he knows in a moment—as his brain takes that pattern of information and transduces it into vivid imagery—he is about to have a profound mystical experience.

Every person is capable of engaging, experiencing, and accessing the mystical.

Once you have a mystical experience and get your first glance behind the veil, you can never go back to life as usual, and you move closer to source, wholeness, oneness, and the indivisible unified field.

That's why Dr. Joe and his team wanted to create a kaleidoscope visual for his students—to hopefully induce those types of experiences.
Fractal Patterns
Because the kaleidoscope's flow of geometric fractal patterns within patterns does not look like anything known in your life, its patterns are designed to bypass the perceptual networks and associative centers in the brain that relate to known people, things, objects, places, and times.

The Kaleidoscope's ancient geometrical patterns reflect repeating fractal patterns found all throughout nature; thus they activate lower-brain centers.

When looking into the Kaleidoscope, you are not activating or triggering the associative centers related to the memories primarily located in the left hemisphere of your brain.

As you stop thinking and analyzing, and start moving into alpha or theta brain-wave patterns, more activity occurs in the right hemisphere.

If the left hemisphere operates in the known and the right hemisphere operates in the unknown, as activity increases in your right hemisphere, you are more open to creating something unknown and new.

The Eye of Horus, The Limbic Brain, and The Pineal Gland
If you slice the brain down the middle, you can view the limbic brain. Take a look and you'll notice a striking resemblance to the Eye of Horus.
In the Egyptian system of measurement, the Eye of Horus represented a fractional quantification system to measure parts of the whole. In modern mathematics, we call this the Fibonacci constant.

This is a mathematical formula that shows up everywhere in nature, displayed in patterns you can see in seashells, pineapples, and even the structure of our Milky Way galaxy.
Also known as the golden ratio, the Fibonacci constant is characterized by the fact that every number after the first two is the sum of the preceding two.

If you follow the golden ratio, Fibonacci's constant, along the circumference of the brain, the spiral will end at the exact point of the pineal gland.

Are you beginning to think there might be something special going on with the pineal gland?
If you're going to disconnect from the outer world, you have to learn how to change your brain waves.

When we enter the quantum our brain waves move into a slower frequency, theta brain waves, and our consciousness moves into our subconscious mind.

As our consciousness moves out of the thinking neocortex and we become pure consciousness and awareness, we are experiencing the state of high suggestibility known as trance.

In this state you are no longer reaffirming the known—your same life—and instead you are investing your energy into the unknown, and you are able to create new, unknown possibilities in your life.

Only once you are truly present in this potent place beyond this space and time—the place from where all things materially come—can you begin to create real change.
A brain scan of a student who is in coherent alpha brain waves while watching the kaleidoscope. Notice how beautifully synchronized each part of the brain is when this person opens their focus. The blue arrow pointing to the peaks shows how the entire brain is coherent in 12-cycles-per-second alpha brain waves.
A brain scan illustrating a student in coherent theta brain wave states viewing the kaleidoscope in trance. The blue arrow pointing to the top of the peaks demonstrates that the entire brain is synchronized in about 7 cycles per second, which is the theta range for brain waves.
Moving Through the Door of Dimensions
We know from our brain scan measurements that the moment people lie down and surrender, their brain waves slow down deep to theta, the brain wave pattern of trance and suggestibility.

Some people will hover in theta long enough to move through the door of dimensions and experience the mystical. Other people fall right into delta, the deep sleep state, and miss out on that opportunity.

With the breath technique, we are creating a euphoric state by increasing oxygen in the bloodstream and diminishing carbon dioxide. This breath will keep you in that dreaming, transcendental state where the door to the mystical exists.
A three-dimensional image of the brain (nearly all in red) of another student, indicating almost the whole brain in a theta state. The red oval on the right shows the brain is being measured in theta.
The brain scan of a student at different brain wave frequencies watching the kaleidoscope. The red and orange areas, marked with the blue arrows on the right of each brain, show a strong amount of activity in delta, theta, alpha, and beta brain waves.
The Pineal Gland Demystified
Like an antenna, the pineal gland has the capacity to become electrically activated and generate electromagnetic fields that can tune in to information.

The pineal gland turns the information carried on those frequencies into vivid imagery and surreal, lucid, transcendental experiences in our mind, including profoundly heightened multisensory visions beyond our vocabulary.
This scan shows the area surrounding the pineal gland when it's activated. The red area of the brain, where the blue arrows are pointing, is the region that surrounds the pineal gland as well as a region called Brodmann area 30, which is associated with strong emotions and the formation of new memories. Our team sees this pattern in those areas of the brain repeatedly when students produce gamma brain waves.
This three-dimensional picture of the same student's brain from above shows a significant amount of energy — gamma brain wave patterns —coming from inside the limbic brain.
The Pineal Gland Activated
On the surface of the pineal gland are tiny hairs called cilia.

When the cilia are tickled as a result of the breath Dr. Joe will teach during the Kaleidoscope Pineal Gland Livestream (not italicized elsewhere), your pineal gland will ejaculate very profound, upgraded metabolites of melatonin into the brain.

Melatonin helps slow your brain waves down to theta, which is the optimal brain wave pattern to having a transcendental experience.
Check out the different metabolites of melatonin that are created when the pineal gland connects to frequencies faster than normal visible light and the mystical molecule gets a biological upgrade.

When energy moves from the body to the brain, a torus field is created and is moving up, out and around the body.

When the pineal gland becomes activated, a reverse torus field of electromagnetic energy is drawing energy into your body through the top of your head.

Since all frequency carries information, now your pineal gland is receiving information from the quantum field and it's going to feel like you're having an orgasm in your head.

Everything You Need to Activate Your Pineal Gland and Experience the Mystical
  • Latest Research Advancement
  • At our recent advanced retreat, we brought a team of neuroscientists to discover and measure how we have made progress on our abilities to induce trance, create theta brain wave patterns, activate the pineal gland and create heightened sensory experience for our students. Dr. Joe will present some of that data to show you how you can better understand what we've been doing all along. You don't need to be a brain scientist to do it and it will make total sense.
  • Experience The Mystical
  • When the pineal gland is activated, what does that look like? What are the effects of it? Dr. Joe will explain how this happens, why it is so important and then guide you through a meditation that will allow you to activate the pineal gland and experience the mystical.
  • Unlimited Viewing Access
  • Our brain scans prove that even people who have never meditated before, and this is their first time, are having profound experiences. You will have unlimited viewing access until January X, 2020.(Remember to put the date in here) This will allow you to practice the Kaleidoscope Pineal Gland guided meditation, create permanent changes in your mind and body, and create a new state of being.
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  • Each month Dr. Joe teaches a live class, followed by an opportunity for you to ask him a question directly. Topics include the latest scientific discoveries; health and wealth; love and relationships; neuroscience and epigenetics; happiness and vitality; the quantum model of reality; and how you can make great and lasting changes in yourself and your life! You receive a one month subscription to Dr. Joe Live with your livestream registration.
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  • Private Online Communi
  • One of the greatest aspects of the livestream event is the ability to join the meditation and connect to the quantum field through the collective consciousness. You will get access to Dr. Joe's private online community where you will be able to connect with other participants and expand your reach.